Who are We, What we do ?

Linework is a committed company. Committed, yes, but committed alongside the populations exclusively. Those who would be tempted to amalgamate the populations and the rulers of these peoples are wrong target. Linework, as a social network takes its objective very seriously: to enable small artisans, traders and the entire underlying community who are looking for a voice, or seeking to make themselves known, to convey a message or simply to extend their field of action. of speech, to make known its art its qualities or its added value. To ensure its mission, Linework is deployed on a massive scale in emerging countries, often the most impacted by the silence imposed by their sometimes “oppressive” governments. It is in this sense that Linework, with its men and skills and its experience in emerging countries, puts all its energy at the side of oppressed populations by providing them with a fun, transversal and decentralized solution by the principle of blockchain to allow them to speak. Linework is a transversal global community, instantly accessible through fun online tools.

Linework brings together all socio-professional categories but without forgetting the weakest or the populations in difficulty, all trades, the young, the less young, small, medium or large companies, but without ever forgetting its objective, its values and its role in the future world. Linework is positioned as a revolution in social networks, as a player in reintegration, post-Covid economic remission and as an alternative to classic social networks pronouncing the insecurity by their laxity in the face of cyber malicious issues. Iran, Pakistan, Turkey or other countries are countries that are united by young people with a future, eager to be heard and to develop on a world scale, and it is alongside these young people that Linework is developing its energy, its means and its resources. It is important to distinguish a state from its people, especially in autocratic or theocratic countries, also, it is important to know that, although Linework concludes important international deals in those countries whose leaders are sometimes blacklisted, the people who suffer need our support and unwavering commitment. Linework and its human resources, which make it so successful, are part of this lineage.