The Founders

Noel Damien Foti | Founder of Linework

It was in 2020, during the COVID-19 health crisis that Noel Damien and his brother Benoit imagined what Linework would be. A simple premise : bring together craftsmen (artisans) and little shops on a dedicated social network and allow them to have access to a quantity of technical, human and social resources through a single platform. The objective was simple: to allow small businesses and artisans to make themselves known or to reinvent their business models to rebuild themselves after the global covid-19 crisis. It was then under the leadership of Benoît Foti that Noel Damien Foti developed the social platform that we know today:

Today, Linework is much more than a social platform. Located halfway between LinkedIn and Facebook, Linework offers possibilities to make advertisements (LineworkAds) or create international advertising campaigns at a lower cost. It is then possible for each new craftsman or Linework subscriber to develop his own visual identity for free when today no social platform allows it to be done. Today Linework has more than 208,000 users worldwide and the answer to a simple need: Communicate free of charge by conveying a precise image and finally sell its products all over the world. In other words: TO BE KNOWN.

ICO & Business Development


By extension and to ensure its international and multilateral development, but above all to give meaning to its strategy, Linework has also created its crypto currency platform. thus was introduced among the 2171 cryptographic currencies in the world: The Linework Coin identified by the acronym LWCOIN or LWC.

Benoit Foti | Founder of Linework

It is under these conditions that the Foti brothers, through the Token Linework, have developed a real economic and financial strategy allowing the social network to expand worldwide. Valued at nearly $ 800 million (USD), Linework’s token is the subject of speculation in the financial markets and ensures the dilution of millions of BTC to its clients who wish to dilute their portfolios of LWC shares. Currently in the process of IPO in Singapore, Linework will continue in a few weeks its economic expansion to develop its humanitarian foundations around the world, of which it will dedicate 60% of its net profits to the operation of its structures.

Eric Bonafini | CFO & Business Dev. of Linework

Eric BONAFINI as a promotor, has contributed to the strong international development of Linework in the world. From Luxembourg to Singapore or Dubai via Switzerland, Eric Bonafini was the central engine with the support of the Pegasus Services fiduciary in Luxembourg, of the success carried by Linework. By nature Business Developer and Epicurean at heart, Eric has taken into consideration all the human and technical aspects of social network development in order to bring it to the stage of financial autonomy and international development. Currently at the heart of all the Group’s strategic decisions and member of the Linework board as CFO but not only, Eric continues to develop the Linework social network on a global scale to make it a full player in new digital technologies: Network Social, Cryptocurrencies, online advertising, humanitarian foundations and fungible asset management.

Actually, Linework gather not less than 50 peoples around the world and not less than 150 peoples are currently joining Linework in many other positions as Marketing, Midddle East countries, IT, Webdev and so many other positions, making Linework based in not less 13 coutnties in the world.. Joins Us and be a part of our technological revolution around the world…