Our values

Linework is THE new social network dedicated to craftsmen, the largest employer in the world, the most diverse and the most fragile employer. In a globalized world, Linework has decided to bet on solidarity, on the women and men who live on their know-how and to promote transparent, respectful and professional communication. Linework supports artisans, Linework wants to help strengthen the social economy of today so that it is the new model of tomorrow.

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Colombia, Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Panama? Whatever your country, Linework does not judge you by the international reputation of the country you come from, but by what you are and what you want to bring to the members of the Linework community. Our values ​​are equality, respect and honesty. Let’s rebuild a better world on these strong values!

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Linework is the new social network dedicated to freelancers and craftsmen. The very ones who represent the cement of the economic and social fabric of our modern societies. But too often lonely and neglected. Linework sees things differently, with us the objective is to communicate based on strong values: mutual aid, solidarity and respect.

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