What is a blockchain-based social network?

Like the principle of decentralization of the blockchain to manage smart contracts and Bitcoins, Linework is the first decentralized network in the world. Contrary to networks like facebook or LinkedIn or even twitter, Linework runs in a decentralized manner and is distributed over as many machines as there are users. No central management, no possibility of traceability of IP addresses that connect to it and therefore no way for the government to block or bypass it in order to muzzle its users or censor its content. A Linework user in India, Iran or Pakistan can freely communicate with peers in Paris, Canada or the USA without hindrance or censorship. More and more governments oppress the young people of the new world, young people who want to make themselves known and who have just as much to make the world benefit from their ideas to improve their living conditions and their daily lives or even to become someone without hinders.

It is in this that Linework is alongside the youth of the countries of the Near and Middle East, of the Asian countries and will be massively deployed without hindrance where facebook, google or twitter does not have access: India, Russia , China etc … to give the hand and the power to rise in the society to the people.

Linework does not contract with the states, it does not discuss at the governmental level and evolves in an opaque and discreet way without revealing its operating codes, it is alongside young people, small traders, craftsmen and all those who have value added to offer to the world.

Thanks to linework, its young people will be able to express themselves and give free rein to the freedom of expression of their opinions and to be heard, to organize private or secret groups to protect themselves from violent egemonic powers and to organize themselves to develop new ideas. positive for the new world and the change in the world order that we are all currently experiencing.

Do not forget, Linework is free to access, based on the Blockchain and is the first social network to integrate a KYC procedure to allow its beneficiaries to evolve in a climate of absolute security and total traceability for the development of all.

Live the Linework Experience…