On September 29, Linework entered into a transactional agreement with an Iranian and Turkish consortium for the liquidation of BTC portfolios in Fiat currencies through its Waves protocol and its Token Linework Coin (LWCOIN / LWC).

it is no less than 500,000 Bitcoin which Linework has taken control and will ensure the Fiat liquidation of its portfolios for a large commission allowing it to base its strategic and operational development from its furur headquarters currently being installed at Findel in Luxembourg before the end of the year.

Thanks to this operation, Linework strengthens its development and strengthens its assets but also its workforce by coordinating a massive recruitment plan in Luxembourg for no less than 50 positions to be filled in all functional or operational areas, as well as in the Board.

Already present, thanks to its 4.0 social network which will be the first global network to integrate a KYC / AML solution backed by its LWCOIN Token, Linework now covers more than 13 countries and has recently recruited its Chief Middle East Officer to ensure the development of its network in the near and middle east.

It is therefore in Turkey, Iran, Russia, China and Arab countries that the Linework strategy is the most appreciated and accepted. Indeed, the KYC, forcing each user to “show white paw”, reassures the authorities and limits or even inhibits the risks of cybermalveillance or cyber harassment for example, but also implements a panel of security tools and “secret” groups that Linework makes available to parents or young populations to evolve without risk in cyber space. In addition, Linework will therefore be able to strengthen its strategic positioning in that Linework will become a real post-COVID economic management tool in order to allow craftsmen and small businesses to trade internationally without any constraint of territory or knowledge, since Linework instantly gives its customers members, access to its global community through free, fun and native shopping modules.

Find your personal or professional space, create your blog, access the global community in 1 click, manage your relationships, your secret groups, private or public, federate your professional activity or create Economic Interest Groups, distribute your ads for free and access announcements from around the world for free and to the tree structure of members around the world, organize your communication for free and in complete safety on our media and our peripheral media (iPhone, Android application, and our related products) all completely free. .