Linework Business offers you advertising solutions adapted to your activity. Whether you are a craftsman, merchant or SME, SMI or very small business, Linework Business Solutions offers you access to an advertising strategy adapted to your activity and the volume of your turnover.


Linework is aware that to revive the economy of craftsmen and small businesses or young emerging startups, it must adapt to the current post-COVID economic context, but not only. Advertising budgets are often out of the ordinary and inaccessible to ordinary people and to the majority of artisans in the world. Linework makes it a point of honor to offer its members stable and constant access to an advertising strategy not exceeding € 25 per campaign over a rolling month.

Whether you are in the start-up phase of an activity, as part of the launch of a new product or requesting massive participation in a scheduled event, Linework gives you access to its global community, without limit of physical territory or direct bond of friendship as is the case for example in other social networks. No more borders, with Linework, you have instant access to a dedicated community, craftsmen, traders or not, in 3 mouse clicks without constraints and with a ridiculous budget, fixed in advance in the form of a fixed price and without surprises for the shops .

No more CPC (cost per click) strategy or paying per display without knowing what will be charged to your credit card. Whether you hit 70,000 Linework members or 70, the price will always be the same and constant. No surprises, linework is revolutionizing access to social networks for everyone, in all countries, in all languages, which allows you to trade without borders and make your activity, your products and your events available to the whole world!

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